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Re: Fwd: '83 UrQ water temp

GNaas@aol.com wrote:

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> Subject: '83 UrQ water temp
> Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1999 00:09:17 EDT
> From: GNaas@aol.com
> To: owner-quattro@audifans.com
>       With summer here in Los Angeles on us. I need some advise on normal
> water operating temperatures for the above car. Radiator was rebuilt a few
> years ago. The car does not boil over. I have an ABT gauge panel with a VDO
> water temp gauge from
> 100 to 250 degrees. I've replaced the sender to eliminate that. The car runs
> real warm, at least in my mind, at 220 + degrees with no hotrodding. I
> understand these cars run hot, but how much?
>       Anyone with aux. gauges please respond. What have you done to keep the
> temp down? I'm paranoid of blowing up my motor and tired of having the heater
> on as the temp hits 240 degrees. Also what graduation of gauge would you
> suggest?
>        Thanks  George Naas

I have installed gauges and it appeared that it ran hot (240F). I installed cold
thermostat  with colder rad fan switch. My new VDO temp gauge, that I use now,
is in Celcius and now shows 85-90 degrees. I have in past drilled  3   4mm holes
in the housing of thermostat and that helped alot in summer but resulted in slow
wormup in winter.

Mike Z