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Re:gas prices

Wolff <quattro200@earthlink.net> writes:

>> Just another number: about $200 is the avarage salary here, just to 

>Are we talking $200 per day, week, month year? Inquiring minds want 
>to know. 

I don't know for sure in his country, but most of the world uses 
the month as a yardstick.  People are usually paid by multiples 
of monthly minimum wage, comes in very handy when there is high 

Audi Content:
In Brazil, an Audi A8Q will cost you over 2300 minimum wages, or,
someone who makes minimum will have to work 192 years to save up
for one....If they won the car, taxes paid, to fill the tank they'd 
have to work a month and a few days.  We got it good here in the States.

U$25.00 to fill the V8Q, full serve good stuff.



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