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A/C recirc question

Here's one for you guys..........

My '93 90S has the manual HVAC controls, with a button to turn on the
A/C and another button to Recirc air. The drawback is that the recirc
only works with the A/C turned on. This annoys me. I would like to
rewire the switch for Recirc so that I can turn it on and have it
activate the recirc flap independent of the A/C. The concept holds no
problem for me, I just need to know if anyone happens to have a wiring
diagram for the two switches so that I can implement the change.

I figure there must be one wire coming off the A/C switch that powers
the switch for Recirc, if I can figure out which wire that is, I could
cut it from the A/C switch and run switched ignition power to it, so
that I could activate it any time the ignition is on.

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