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Re: Harmonic balancer/pulley wobble.

	Some assumption here: I'm assuming your car has the I-5 engine, not a 

	You need a special tool to hold the harmonic balancer still while the 
bolt is being removed. The bolt is put in place with about 300 psi of torque, 
so it SHOULD be hard to remove. Without a tool I can't think of a way to get 
it done with a ratchet/socket. There's always the "put the ratchet on the 
bolt and turn the starter" method. Sometimes that works. Dave Head reported 
on using it recently. My personal experience has not been positive, though.

	The wobble you describe could indicate that it was not installed 
properly last time. It could have been damaged and the small key (and/or 
keyway) could be ruined as well. This is the damage I found on my '87s engine 
when it ate the valves (a couple years back).
	If the balancer is ruined, but the crank is OK, let me know. I've got 
some spares.