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Re: (Purely academic) S4/6 V8 question

> I had been under the impression that the UrS4/S6 has a turbo
> I5, while the S6+ has a 4.2l V8.
> In an old auto motor und sport issue, I saw one classified ad
> for an S4 4.2 and another that listed an S6 4.2 as well as an
> S6+ 4.2. 
> Which is it? If they all had (optional?) V8s, what's different about
> the S6+?

Just change of name -- like how U.S. S4 is later changed to S6 in keeping
up with 5000 -> 200 -> A6. I think the S6 4.2 -> S6 Plus change was done
around the same time UrS4 became UrS6.

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