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86 4000 CSQ help requested.

Greetings Listers,

This morning on the way to work on Bear Creek Road my 86 4000 CSQ simply
quit running as I drove down the long
hill into silicon valley.  No pops, no splutters, simple stopped running.

There is spark, and the cam still moves(timing belt still there).  There is
some noise from
the fuel pump when the key is turned to on.  But no joy. No go. No nothing,
not even the
hint of a start.

I figure I am dealing w/ a fuel injection issue.  Any pointers would be
appreciated.  I have a Volt Ohm meter,
but no pressure guage tool for the injection(I've seen the mention of the
fuel injection pressure guage availabe
from JC Whitless. been meaning to get one but haven't.  Are they available
at local retailers, ie sears, kragen).
Any quick guesses, or systematic procedures for checking out the fuel
injection would be greatly appreciated.
Also, if anyone has the definitive locations for the fuel pump relay and
fuses, that would be very cool too. My
fuse box looks nothing like the one in the Bentley.