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Re: 2000 S4 BT Driving Impressions (TT reference)

Lewis, Gary M wrote:

> > >Hmmm... the TTQ for arguments sake is 2700 pounds and makes 225 hp from a
> > >1.8 liter motor. that's about 12 pounds/hp with a motor that makes 125 hp
> > >per liter. Impressive!
> > >
> > >The S4 on the other hand is - lets say 3400 pounds- makes 250 hp (US) or
> > >about 13.6 pounds per hp. Call that about 92.6 hp per liter. for the sake
> > of
> > >comparison, the US AAN make around 100 hp/liter

This car weighs in at about 3550 Pounds.

> >
> Matt didn't say the above, Rich did.  I don't completely agree with the
> above statement as the tuning potential of a 30v V6 Biturbo vs. a 20v I4
> single turbo should be far greater, even greater than our beloved 20v I5's.
> Ignoring radical internal modifications, the S4 BT should easily make 300+
> (TAP says 340, chips only).  Thats 126 hp per liter.  I know of Ur-S4/S6
> folks who do the full boat, rods, pistons, and crank, and are still under
> 400hp.  One of those German tuners (Mr. Cool, Paul "I get people to give me
> their new Quattro's" Rivera told me who it was, I forgot tho') say with
> internals, 450 hp is easy for the new V6bt.  Thats 167 hp per liter.  I know
> the 4cyl 20v is capable of similar numbers, but would you rather have a 4
> banger making 450, or a V6?

MTM and ABT have gotten 400+ reliable HP from the 2.7 Bi-T.
It has enormous tuning potential.

> > Stopped by Carlsen in Palo Alto and picked up the brochure on the neu S4.
> > Spec sheet missing a few things:
> > - weight
> >
> German site says 1510 kg (call it 3,325 lbs)

Inside Audi says about 3550, Automatic at 3700 (about) (this is from memory if I
am wrong, please correct)

> > - max turbo boost (tuning potential)
> > Are there 2 boost guages?

No boost gauges in the car. The Multifunction gauge does not show boost.

> >
> Paul, can you shed a bit of light here??  I know you have some tuning info
> these nice folks would love to hear...

I am in love with this car.
Tons o torque!
Best brakes of any Audi shy of the RS-2 (of which I have never driven, only
lusted after).
Stiff-non shakable chassis.
Good driving position.
Excellent control and pedal feel.
This car is close to the refinement that I love in M3's.
Major step forward.
However, 4 Oxy sensors, 2 Turbos, and lots of heat.
Will it hold up like our dearly loved I-5's? I hope so. Maybe better if Audi has
done their homework. OBD2 was the best thing that happened to Bosch to sell Oxy

> > Do we (the list) have factual- as opposed to speculative- info on these
> > missing specs?  How different is this car going to be from the A4 (other
> > than
> > the obvious- 2 extra cylinders.)
> >
> Go to:
> http://www.audi.de/
> They have an English version, bunch o' S4bt stuff...
> > I like the color options better than TT.  I think the Nogaro blue (RS2)
> > and silver interior would be nice.
> >
> The Silver interior was _really_ nice.  In blue, the car would be
> beautiful...
> Gary Lewis
> 88 5kcstq 1.8 bar 110km Pearl w/Fuchs, K24 turbo, 2-piece EM
> 86 5kcstqw Sapphire and Platinum, stock
> Mergers, Acquisitions, Public Offerings
> (818) 384-7600

I think Silver or Nogaro Blue would be my pick.
Or......in Germany they will do a custom color to your sample.
I think I love Wood interiors. The Carbon Fibre was neat. like the 93 S4's.
It is all subjective.
Great car.
We will see a lot of tuning for this car.
Mov'it has a 4 wheel Brembo Kit for this car already.
As far as the TT Quattro 225ps model VS the S4, I think I would pick the S4 for
it's comfort and potential.
I like 4 doors. I like taking friends and family along.
Love the TT, but I guess I am too pragmatic---cancel that--too much in love with
sedans (anybody that owns more than 3 Audis cannot be called pragmatic)..
Paul Rivera
91 200 tqa