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Fuel System Problems Continue

    I have solved the random codes problem with the ECU ground wire cleanup
advice.  Yet the car still has the same old quirks in the fuel system since
I bought the car.  The car runs fine.  There are drivability problems that
come in and out.

    First:  Sometimes when the car is coming to a stop the idle will bounce
up and down hard causing some surging.  Then it will subside, usually.
Sometimes it will get stuck doing the hard bouncing after a stop and
continue until I restart the car.  It will also do this exact idle bouncing
when the Idle Stabalizer Valve is disconnected with the engine on at idle.
Bouncing range - (800RPM to 1,300RPM)
    Second:  Since I have bought the car I have had this problem.  When I
decellerate from a speed above 45MPH in Drive the RPM's will drop normally
then once the engine reaches 1,200RPM it will bounce up to 1,500RPM then
drop to idle normally.  I have never even come close to figuring this one
out.  It may be caused by the transmission in my opinion, but I'd love some
input on the subject.

    I believe that is it for the time being.   I have replaced the
following: ISV, Air Flow Meter, O2 Sensor, and Time Thermo Switch.  I wish
it would all go away but it hasn't.

Thanks again!

    Alexander van Gerbig '88 80

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