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fabbing blower filters? was Re: improving Urq A/C efficiency...

Jouko Haapanen wrote:

> stupid birch seeds out of the system in the future?  There does not seem to
> be a fresh-air filter available for the Urquattro, only for next generation
> Coupés and 80/90's onwards.

is there supposed to be a filter on a 90 type car?  i am in mid-blower-motor
replacement and have been wondering at the big open hole with only a weak
attempt at a plastic grill over it.  big piles of leaves and seeds and other
detritus i cleaned out of that crevice at the base of the windshield were just
waiting to get sprayed across my interior.  i have been thinking up all kinds of
quick fab jobs like cutting up furnace filters to fit the air intake.  any
suggestions or BTDT from anyone?




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