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Re: Audi 100 Gives up the Ghost for Owner

Daniel Hussey wrote:
> >    Also be aware that car vs. car is obviously bad, but car vs. tree is
> >really bad. Trees just don't have much of a crush zone.
> I wonder whether this is true.  I was always told.... In driver's ed
> anyways....that if a car swerved into my lane and if it was between the car
> or the tree, take the tree every time.  True, the tree won't really "give"
> like the car, but the car has velocity going in the opposite direction and
> it will be like getting in a wreck at your speed + most of the speed of the
> oncoming car!!!!  Really bad!
> Now, hitting a stationary car or the side of anyother car would be
> better...true, but how often is this the case.  Plus, do we really want to
> kill someone else?

The other problem with trees that I didn't explain is that they are very
narrow. This makes it so that they can slice through a car as opposed to
hitting a cement wall wich will distribute the crushing across whatever
surface hits it.  This is confirmed by my wife who sees photos of this
stuff every day.