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Re: Attack of the giant woodpeckers...compressor swap with '87?

>     The '89 probably uses a NipponDenso compressor. The '87 probably uses a
> Delco compressor. You would have to change over the compressor mounts and
> the suction and high pressure lines as well. A rebuilt or new Delco is half
> the price of a Denso (here in Canada anyway) and cannot be converted to
> R-134a. The Denso compressor is lighter than the Delco and can be converted
> to work with R-134a.

It looks like two different compressors were used during 87.  I know mine uses the later
style Denso unit.  From the illustrations, the Delco has the in/outputs on the rear, while
the Denso has them on the side.

87 5ktq
86 5ks- bad compressor