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Re: Eurosport Motorcars (New Hampshire)


I just used Tim McLean at Northern European Auto (228-0533)in Concord, I
believe he came from there?  Tim was well recommended by others on the
list a month or so ago, and I just bought the CQ in Nashua so he was in
the right neighborhood for me.  I'd suggest him as a resource to anyone
in the area.

Despite the fact that I showed up on his doorstep unannounced, Tim was
willing to do a pre-inspection for me and give me the rundown on a number
of things I hadn't caught.  I subsequently had him do control arm
bushings, strut bearings, TB/water pump and rear brakes on the car.

In addition to being really concerned about doing things well and using
the right quality parts, Tim is a really nice guy (how often does that
happen with mechs?).  On top of that, he seems very reasonable and honest
about the amount of time he takes and bills, and he doesn't gouge on
parts.  He also put up pretty well with my 'well i heard on the
internet...' and 'well i found this part at TPC for $...'.

John C

Andrew Duane USG wrote:

> I stopped using these guys a couple of years ago when
> their attitude and price both got a bit higher than I liked.
> Does anyone on the list still use them? Opinions one
> way or the other?
> I think it may be time to give them another try.
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