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86 4000 CSQ help requested

Date: Wed, 21 Jul 1999 16:50:26 -0700

>This morning on the way to work on Bear Creek Road my 86 4000 CSQ simply
>quit running as I drove down the long
> hill into silicon valley.  No pops, no splutters, simple stopped running.

	IF you have spark, the timing belt is okay and you are sure the 
	distributor is correctly set, I would strongly suspect a fuel inj.

	Try this :

	Loosen one of the banjo bolts on top of the fuel distributor, on a
fuel inj. line
	which feeds the engine. Turn the ign. on, listen for the fuel pump
coming on.
	If you get a spray of fuel from the loosened bamjo bolt, the fuel
inj. is probably okay

	If not suspect the fuel pump relay - to test it, remove the relay
and use a wire to 
	make the connection on the fuse relay panel (effectively by-passing
the relay).

	Turn the ign. on again and watch for a spray of fuel at the loosened
banjo bolt
	If you do not get a spray of fuel - the problem is with the fuel
pump relay.

	BTW - be careful of any open flames/exhaust when you loosen that
banjo bolt -
	you have fuel pressure of 80psi coming out - have a fire
extinguisher handy.

	If everything checks out - start suspecting the fuel dist. and the
attached air flow flap.
	You can manually raise the air flap and try to start the car, if
this works, you may find that 
	the air sensor plate is slightly out of adjustment. This happened to
me once, the air sensor
	flap was hanging on the on the housing when - I readjusted the air
sensor flap and has worked
	great since then.

	another idea is take a look at the fuse for the computer (it the one
that looks like a spare fuse !!!!)