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Insurance Claims


I was rear-ended a number(at least twice) of times in my '90 20V Q 
coupe - sold since it was too nice of a car for me to use as a haulin' 

I always handled the claim thru my insurance company.

On one incident, I saw it coming in my rear-view mirror, and purposely 
stopped short of the car in front of me to minimize the inevitable, or 
so I thought.  Turns out after the accident report was taken, I found 
additional damage where I had been pushed into the car in front.

I got some flak from the driver that rear-ended me - some thanks for 
not having the accident be worse than it could have been.  With ABS I 
could have stopped so quick she wouldn't have had time to react (was 
tailgating me when the car infront came to a screeching halt).

I think they(father protecting daughter) wanted to pay out of pocket, 
and balked when they found the cost due to replacemnt of parts 
unimaginable by the looks of the damage which seemed at the time 

Anyway, the additional info. was explained to the other drivers 
insurance, and the graciously handled it with no further questions.

Still, as a matter of insurance protocol, you should always report the 
accident through your company, and give them details including other 
driver's information.  Usually the other drivers comapny will contact 
you to get details.  All of this should be backed up with an accident 

You also owe it to yourself to get a reputable repair shop - multiple 
estimates if necessary.  A good one will find all the damage not seen 
to the untrained eye.

This protects everybody.


Ben Swann
'85 4ksq
'86 5kcstq (rebuilding)
'87 5kcstq Wagon


This morning on the way to work, I was rear-ended .. they recommend 
that I do it through my own insurance.  .. I would like to hear your 
opinions as to which way I should go.  TIA.

- - Alex Lee