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RE: Dumb Response Team #2

Well I did it.  I called Germany this morning.

First, the number Melisa gave me was not Audi, but Volkswagen

Second the number the person gave me at Volkswagen was for an Audi 
manufacturing plant and after speaking to 3-4 different people I finally 
got the number for Audi's customer service.  I dialed the number and the 
operator at Audi switched me immediately to Klaus who speaks better English 
than I do (turns out he's a Canadian who worked for Audi in Canada for 10 

I had my trusty tape recorder going and here's the conversation.

Good afternoon, my name is Klaus how may I help you.

Yes my name is Don Muirhead, I'm calling from Canada.  I had been speaking 
to Audi in the US about getting some parts for my car and they have 
directed me to Audi in Germany.  They also told me to provide you with a 
reference number - I believe they call it a case number.

Mr. Muirhead, what specifically do you need.

I need a list of the part numbers and descriptions for the plastic rear lid 
off a 1986 Audi CGT.  I have the PN off the lid, but the Canadian 
microfiche does not show this part nor the components.

Mr. Muirhead, I need to get some information from you.  We do not have 
access to the Audi North America's customer support system so we'll have to 
start again.

I will need the spelling of your name, your address and telephone number 
>>>>> I won't bore you with this part

What is your vehicle VIN# please.

It is WAUBD0856GA041747 it is a 1986 Audi CGT.

Just a moment please Mr. Muirhead, I must cross reference this VIN# with 
our system.  Ah yes, a 1986 Audi Coupe, Canadian production model - you 
purchased this vehicle at Queensway Volkswagen Audi in Toronto.

Yes Klaus, that is correct.

I see you have purchased a number of other models as well.  We appreciate 
your brand loyalty Mr. Muirhead.  Now what is the PN you have.

My coupe came with a plastic rear lid PN# 857 827 019 B.  I need a list of 
the parts and their part number for this item.

One moment Mr. Muirhead, I will see what is available - about 2 minutes 

Thank you for waiting Mr. Muirhead, did you purchase this vehicle new with 
this rear hatch?

Yes I did.

Interesting, according to our records this hatch was not used on any 1986 
Canadian production models.  Who in the states did you speak to at Audi.

I spoke to Melisa, but I don't know her last name.

What did she tell you.

I gave him the story as written below....Klaus starts laughing...

I apologize for laughing Mr. Muirhead, but I agree with you it is 
ridiculous.  So Mr. Muirhead, do you only need the descriptions and part 
numbers or would you like me to describe the parts available and order the 
parts directly for you.  They are stock parts in the states and we can get 
them to you in 48 hours.

That's OK Klaus, if you send me the list I'll order them from the states.

You don't need to do that Mr. Muirhead, simply provide your Dealer with the 
part numbers and have the Dealer order them through the Welland, Ontario 
distribution centre and not through central purchasing - Welland will bring 
them in from the states for your Dealer.

Thanks Klaus, but I have one more question for you.  Since this car has an 
odd ball part that perhaps it shouldn't have - what are the chances that 
something else on my car will fall into the same category.

It is possible Mr. Muirhead.  I don't know for sure, but your vehicle might 
have been at the end or beginning of the Canadian production model and they 
may have used compatible components during your vehicles assembly although 
they are not specified for your country's model.  This happens quite 

Since Canada does not use the EKTA program, would it be possible for me to 
obtain a copy should this situation arise again?

Chucking...I don't know if that possible Mr. Muirhead, but I will ask and 
if we can do this for you.  If we can we will forward it to you along with 
the parts list.  We will also be sending you a gift from Audi since you 
have been extremely patient.

Gift? Not the Audi history again.  Thanks Klaus, but I already have a 
couple of copies and several key chains and coffee mugs collecting dust.

Well Mr. Muirhead, what would you consider fair.

I think the EKTA CD would be fair - but if that's not possible the coupe 
could use a new leather shift boot and knob, it's the only thing I haven't 
replaced yet.

Laughing...I'll see what I can do for Mr. Muirhead.

Then we shoot the breeze about Audi, his transfer to Germany and so on - 
I'm really sucking up at this point.  Then in passing I tell him I ordered 
an S4.  He's typing away on the keyboard and says yes, I found your order. 
 Purchased by Dalmar in London, tagged Muirh an S4 imola yellow with onyx 
leather - production scheduled for October.

Damn those Germans - just too efficient.  This guy probably called up the 
US inventory and somehow knows I already have the parts on order.  Oh well, 
I'll let you know if I get the list - more importantly whether I get the CD 
or even better das boot.


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Long - but oh so typical of Audi...

When I got home today I had a message to call Melisa at Audi US.  I had 
called them a while ago about getting a parts list for a plastic lid PN # 
857 827 019 B for an '86 CGT.

Phil Payne and Kneale Brownson responded from the list and both of these 
great guys faxed me the EKTA illustration and parts list.

Here's what Melisa told me (I taped the conversation)

I'm sorry Mr. Muirhead for taking so long to get back to you. 
 Unfortunately, we have no information on this part and you will have to 
contact your Dealer and have them order these parts for you.

But Melisa, the Dealer can't order the parts because they don't have the 
microfiche for this lid and they were the ones who told me to contact you.

Who is your Dealer Mr. Muirhead and who did you speak to in their Parts 

Dalmar Motors in London, Ontario - Ralph in parts is my contact.

May I call you back in a few minutes Mr. Muirhead I would like to verify 

Sure Melisa, I'll be here.

About 5 minutes later.....

Mr. Muirhead, I just spoke to Ralph at Dalmar Motors.  He remembers 
speaking to you about this part and told me their microfiche for your 
vehicle does not have the parts listed for this particular lid.

Yes Melisa I know that - that's why I'm calling you.

I'm sorry Mr. Muirhead but you will have to order the parts from your 
Dealer and if they can't get them then there is nothing we can do.

But Melisa, the car was purchased new by me in Canada from an authorized 
Audi Dealer.  The car came with this lid so how am I going to get parts? 
 All I want is a list of the parts and the part numbers.

I'm sorry Mr. Muirhead but you will have to call Audi.

Melisa you are Audi.

I'm sorry Mr. Muirhead I meant Audi in Germany - do you have the number?

Oh, Melisa - think about what you just said, why would I have the telephone 
number for Audi in Germany.

Here it is Mr. Muirhead 011495361970334, please provide them with your case 
reference number.

Melisa - am I to understand that although I purchased this car new, in 
Canada from an authorized Audi Dealer I can not order parts for my car here 
and must order them from Germany?

That is correct Mr. Muirhead obviously your car was imported from Germany.

All Audi's are imported from Germany Melisa, what does my file tell you.

Mr. Muirhead, it says you have a 1986 Audi Quattro Coupe with you purchased 
from Queensway Volkswagen Audi in Toronto.

Melisa, It isn't a Quattro, it's a CGT.

Mr. Muirhead you are mistaken, according to your VIN# you purchased a 1986 
Audi Quattro Coupe.

Fine Melisa, but you agree I purchased this "Quattro" in Canada.

Yes Mr. Muirhead, but according to your VIN#  this vehicle was not imported 
to Canada.

Melisa, it's a North American VIN#

I'm sorry Mr. Muirhead, I meant the Part Number - this Part Number was not 
any product sold in Canada and I cannot help you.

Oh, Melisa - you've been extremely helpful and knowledgeable you have a 
great day.

Meanwhile, I'm busting my gut laughing.  I pick up the phone call Ralph at 
Dalmar - he's laughing like hell.

Not only did Phil and Kneale supply me with the list, I faxed Ralph a copy 
and he ordered the parts for me on Monday.  With the exception of one item 
on back-order these will be delivered tomorrow.  Audi US stock these parts 
and sent them via courier to their Canadian parts warehouse.

However, to prove how badly customer support is at Audi, I'm seriously 
thinking about calling Germany and continue with this saga - just to see 
how screwed up Audi is.

'99 A4
'96 S6
'86 CGT x 2 (bonus - one's a "Q")