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Re: 86 4000 CSQ help requested

"Brinkman, Gerardo V" <GB127167@exchange.DAYTONOH.NCR.com> wrote:
> 	Loosen one of the banjo bolts on top of the fuel distributor, on a
> fuel inj. line 	which feeds the engine. Turn the ign. on, listen
> for the fuel pump coming on. 	If you get a spray of fuel from the
> loosened bamjo bolt, the fuel inj. is probably okay 
> 	If not suspect the fuel pump relay - to test it, remove the relay
> and use a wire to 	make the connection on the fuse relay panel
> (effectively by-passing the relay). 
> 	Turn the ign. on again and watch for a spray of fuel at the
> loosened banjo bolt 	If you do not get a spray of fuel - the problem
> is with the fuel pump relay. 

You mean if you "do" get a spray of fuel, as opposed to "do not",