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Re: I need a radiator for an 88 80q , where to buy?????

 "Obin Olson" <obin_olson@hotmail.com> writes:

>Hey guys, I need a source for a good price on a new radiator, sub $200 
>dollar range if it's possible, Thanks!

I don't know if they make the all metal one for your car (like they do
for the 5K's), but I bought mine at a regular parts store, all metal,
$195.00 at the time.  If it cross references to a VW product the chances
of an all metal aftermarket are even better.  

For OEM style, I'd give Mark at Adirondack Auto Brokers a call:
518.882.6534 / Fax: 518.882.1914, on the web at: 



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