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Re: nz rally (minimal audi content)

> So what is the difference between Group A, N, and WRC cars?

Go to http://www.fia.com/homepage/selection-a.html which will probably
explain in detail better than I can.  Basically Group A and WRC cars are
very similar in that they're pretty open with what they can do to the car,
so long as it's a current production car (manufacturer has to make a min.
number), that's homologated with the FIA.  Turbo cars have to run a 34 mm
restrictor.  They try to restrict these cars to 300 HP but everyone knows
they're making MUCH more than that.  The WRC class started a few years ago
as an offshoot to Group A

Group N is a production based rally car similar to Group A, except there's
little that can be done to alter the car as it would come off the production
line, other than skid plates, roll cage, misc safety equipment, under side
protection, and a few other things.

There's also a 2-litre class for 2-litre 2wd rally cars, no restrictors
(until next year), they're lighter than the WRC cars, and make about 260 HP.
These cars are very fast on dry tarmac as shown in Spain earlier in the

-Mark Nelson