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Re: Subject: RE: Older Audis being compared to newer Asian/US cars?

In a message dated 7/22/99 4:13:42 PM Eastern Daylight Time, PlyBoyDoct 

<< You guys SERIOUSLY crack me up!  I had a girlfriend who didn't even know 
that she was driving a 200tq20v.  She just thought it was another Audi.  
sheeesh.  It didn't work out.  hehe
 Jason C
 89 200t10v
 Redmond WA >>

    Yes, I can see why.  Id much rather take a girl w/o and audi yet would 
like to aspire to one, then some glutton who is hogging one sweet car and 
does not even know it.  Let me guess, she eats her sliced turkey on cake,