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Re: Coy's (no Q content)

In message <s7972965.086@hlthsrc.com> "Eric Renneisen" writes:

> Well, I'm one lucky bastard. Yes, I'll be at Coy's this year.
> I just happened to plan my vacation right, for once!
> (Actually, my wife picked the dates.) I promise to take
> _lots_ of pictures and bring them to Monterey.

Yeah.  Get an _early_ train from Euston station in London to Northampton
and let me know your arrival time.

> I need some help from anyone who's familiar with London.
> I'll be departing from Heathrow very early in the morning,
> so I'd like to find a hotel/guesthouse for our last evening
> that's close by. I don't need anything fancy, just clean,
> reasonably priced, and close to the airport.

I forgot to answer this bit, didn't I?

There are scads of hotels around Heathrow - all the major chains
charging all the major prices.  The trick is not to book at the hotel
directly (GBP110 upwards) but to find a travel agency that can book
for you.  Can be as low as GBP35 for the Marriott or Hilton.

You may even be able to get a good rate if you book in the USA before

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 UK Audi quattro Owners Club
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