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Deceleration Valve? + Oil Change Success!

    Thanks to those who gave me suggestions about my fuel system problems.
I have checked all my vacuum hoses, even removed almost all and threw them
in the washer.  All are good.  One hose could be leaking since it was a
magical retro-fit from a Merc.  Thanks to my mechanics, HA!
    On to the topic...  Where is my deceleration valve?  Never even seen it
or actually heard of it until know.  I know that the 200q20v has a fuel
shutoff device for decel, but never seen, heard, or heard of a decel valve
on my car.  Anyone know where I can take a looksee at this device?  Is it
under the battery tray by chance?
    By the way, finally did my very first oil change.  Came out well, a
little messy, but that's just fine.  My Mobil 1 that I used for 7,000miles
looked very black and had bits of something in it.  The new Mobil 1 was
crystal yellow as I remembered, but it is the new Tri-Synthetic blend or
such so it's even clearer than regualr Mobil 1 I guess.

Thanks for all the help!

    Alexander van Gerbig '88 80

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