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Re: Firestone alignments

Two comments:

I've never gotten an alignment at Firestone but anybody who guarantees an
alignment for a lifetime is focused on playing the odds, not necessarily doing the
right job.  I would be suspicious.

There must be hundreds of Firestone shops and I don't believe that a statement can
be made about them generally.  There will be variation depending on age of
equipment, motivation of employees, etc.

My choice of alignment shops was made by asking a racing friend of mine where he
gets his Porsche aligned.  When I get it done, I tend to hang around and make a
nuisance of myself (politely) by asking questions and watching how it's done.  At
least then, the process doesn't seem so anonymous.


Christopher Gharibo wrote:

> I have a '91 CQ and 98.5 A4.  I am considering getting the lifetimne alignment
> deal at Firestone for both cars, however, I am concerned about quality of the
> work.
> For those who have gotten their Audis aligned at Firestone, please indicate if
> they do a good job or otherwise.
> Thanks.
> Regards,
> Chris Gharibo
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