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V8 Special Parts Program. Was:Questions for V8 Owners

 "Buchholz, Steven" <Steven.Buchholz@kla-tencor.com> writes:

>The thing that I find cool about the V8 is the fact that in the US 
>there is a special parts program for the V8.  If there is a part that
you need 
>that is not in stock ... Audi pays the overnight freight to have it sent
>the dealer for you to pick up.  

This isn't exactly how it works out sometimes.  The last time I changed
the timing belt I needed the "friction pad" (mea culpa, I put the fork it
mounts to on backwards, damaging it),
I called Mack at Clair, "No problem, it's in the system, V8 program, etc.
will be here by the end of the week."  After a patient week, part doesn't
show up, Mack chases it down for another week, keeps being told by Audi
that the part is "in the system", and the V8 program guarantees they'll
ship it.  Long story short, being "in the system" meant in a container,
on a freighter, on the Atlantic somewhere.  Audi did ship one from
Germany, but I got hit with $25 shipping, on a $7.00 part, that looks
like it's worth 2cents.  Mack, to his merit, tried his best, the only
alternative was a wait of between 3-12 weeks for the part that was "in
the system."  



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