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Alum. vs Copper RE: I need a radiator for an 88 80q , where to buy?????

Aluminum dissipate heat much better and faster than brass or copper, you can
get away with an alum. rad. that is smaller than brass, that is one of the
main reasons while most (almost all)OEM radiators and AC evaporators are
made out of alum.
If you have difficulty with my statement try to heat a copper pipe and and
alum, pipe, you will find out very quickly which material conduct heat
better. The only advantage that brass has over alum. (rad.) is durability.

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You will not find a new radiator for less than $175. I put one in my 88 80q
about 6 months ago. What a PITA. I got mine from a local radiator shop that
carried a generic brand-- i'm not sure of the name. The shop is in Glasco
I don't know where you are located. Anyway, I know it was not a Modine.

The radiator is a copper core, the original is aluminium. Don't let anybody
fool you, copper disappates heat faster than aluminium. It has been working
fine and the running temperature is below what the old radiator ran at.

Hope this helps.

Scott Calabrese
88 80q