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Re: European Listers - 80 16V Questions

In message <000801bed49b$bcc50340$73672399@ftp-client> "Alexander van Gerbig" writes:

>     Have been poking around with the thought of getting a 16V head from a 6A
> engine from Europe.  The 80 never had a 16V model in the US but the block I
> have is the same as the 16V's in Europe.  I was cross checking P/N's and saw
> that some or most of the small parts would fit or need mild modification to
> work with a 16V head.  How available are these cylinder heads, exhaust
> manifolds, and intake manifolds.  How available was this car, 80 16V?
> Anything that anyone knows about this engine/car that anyone wants to let me
> know?

Judging by the pile of engines at VAGServ this morning, fairly plentiful.

I'll have a word with Gary.

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