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Re: Can you "fix" leaking injectors?

>Rob Winchell wrote:
> I'm fairly certain my injectors (at least 2 of them) are leaking on my '91
> 200Q. I was going to just replace them with new ones, but someone
>reminded me of places that clean/rebuild injectors for like $25/each.

Nope.  You have to replace them if they are old.  Trust me on this one.
Plus, they are probably the metal-tipped injectors.  The new replacements
are viton-tipped and come with the viton (green) seals.  Supposedly won't
leak as easily.  Plus, I got my new injectors cheap...like $38 or $40 per
injector.  Call 1-800-VW-PARTS.  Only problem is he doesn't accept credit
cards...only money order or C.O.D, so leave yourself some time.

But, I'd really reccomend getting the injectors from Marin Motorsports
(advertise in the back of EC).  They take new Bosch injectors and flow test
them and balance them and make sure they are all flowing at exactly the same
rate.  Forget how much they are from them, but not much more.  Wish I'd have
done it....  But either way, get NEW ones!  Not worth it to have them
cleaned.  Can buy new for not much more.