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This is merely speculation, but ENRADD could be similar to the VASCAR 
system used here in North Carolina, which consists of a trooper with a 
computerized time/distance measuring device and two landmarks (which are 
measured by the VASCAR and can be changed at will, trooper hits button when 
he passes landmark, and when he passes second landmark and mashes button, 
it measures distance), and to measure your speed they hit the button when 
you pass the landmark, and hit it again when you pass the second and then 
it spits out your speed automatically, no radar or laser is emitted to 

Or to use it moving, they are under a bridge (or other landmark), and see 
you coming.  They drive towards you, using the start point as the first 
landmark.  They hit the button to end distance and start time measurement 
when they pass you.  When you pass under the bridge, they end time 
measurement.  Voila, they just measured distance and time very quickly.

They can quite easily alter the timing to show whatever speed they want to. 
Get happy with the second landmark finger (he's almost there, I'll go ahead 
and press the button.)   (In fact there is absolutely nothing you can do to 
defend against this, it is your word against troopers, and guess who wins?) 
 Some roads here even have lines marked into the pavement for timing 
purposes.  Incidentally this is more accurate at night, as the moment your 
headlights pass an object, it changes illumination status rather quickly, 
giving the officer a better starting and stopping point.

George Selby
78 F-150 400M, 4 on floor, 4x4
86 Audi 4000CS Quattro