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RE: ENRADD well knda plus mild rant on traffic cops

Police (for some reason) often use my 4x4's as a shield.  I was cruising 
down a two lane here in eastern north Carolina, at 70 mph in a 55 mph zone. 
 when all of a sudden a realize there is a trooper right on my bumper.  I 
freak, but maintain my speed, as I figure if he hasn't gotten me by now, he 
isn't going to.  Sure enough, when the next car came along in the opposite 
direction, my radar detector indicated some k band activity, and as soon as 
the car passed he turned it off.  Next car, another alert.  I was being 
used as a vision shield!  Eventually some one came along going fast enough 
to get their order taken by the kindly officer (old family joke, but you 
get the idea).

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Favourite trick round here is for the cops to sit in a layby parked in 
front of a large truck as far in as possible, you only see them when it's 
too late. I saw this last night on the way home and sure enough they got 
someone. Why can't they do real police work like catch burglars, rapists 
etc etc .Oh that's too hard isn't it? I guess I am still pissed off with 
being done recently on my motorbike (90 in a 70) with busted speedo 
(honest), before I get flamed for being irresponsible and 18 etc, it was 
dual carriageway early Sunday morning light traffic  and I wish was 18 

Rant over