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Re: Help - No lights!!!!!


Since we're talking about headlight behaviour, here is
another one:

	Car: type-44 200 1990 with Euro lights (stock).
	Beams: I never follow the terminology so I'm
	       going to go by switch position.
		beam 1: small light switch in position 1.
		        (is this the "city light"?)
		beam 2: small light switch in position 2.
			(low beam?)
		beam 3: small light switch in position 2,
			indicator switch pushed forward
			(driving light and high beam?)

	The problem: beam 1 works (lights on dim), but
	pushing indicator lever forward to get driving
	lamps on sees nothing happen to lamp intensity.
	Doing the beam 2 thing sees the lamps stay on
	dim, but pushing the indicator lever forward
	brings on the driving lamps and the high
	intensity of the headlamps.

	I just changed the light switch on the car as my
	other one showed a slightly molten bit on the
	connector. Result: no change to lights.

Have I burnt out wiring? I did not change the plastic
connector as the contact looked fine. At the moment I
use the fog lamps and the dim setting on the headlamps
as the means of normal illumination.

Hope I made sense. I do get confused about the names
are that people use for the beams as we call things
"low" for that dusk lighting, "high" for normal driving
and "brights" for perfectly lighting up the victim


G. (confuzzed)