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Subject: Re: Heater Valve

> From: rochow@pixelmagic.com
> Subject: Re: Heater Valve 
> >> Do I recall correctly that there was a suitable replacement available
> >> from Pep-Boys that you mentioned awhile back?
> >
> >That's right, many have used it. It's just the aftermarket version of the
> >heater control valve. The one I got happened to be a Stant model. These
> >metal-bodied ones are seemingly more robust than the plastic OEM ones,
> >which can split wide open and spew coolant everywhere. The cost is
> >similar either way (~$20).
> Where is it located / from where is it accessible? That's precisely the
> sort of part one ought to just go ahead and replace after buying an old
> used car, the kind of thing you where preemptive effort seems to be rather
> small and break-down effect particularly troublesome...

Al Powell replied:
>The reason it's so interesting is that I just finished a 2,000 mile 
>vacation trip - and right SMACK in the middle of it, the heater 
>control valve (easily accessible between the block and heater core; 
>just look at the single hose coming out of the block in back) in my 
>1990 200 started leaking like a sieve.  

.So I ended up making a second 180-mile round trip to get a dealer-
>ordered (next day service) part the following week.  I can attest that 
>the retail price on this valve is $56, which is actually a lot less than 
>I expected.

>Opinion: If I had another Audi with 100K or so on it - I would replace 
>that valve, especially if there was a $20 part which would do it.
I've looked into getting one of these for my '91 200q20v.  As Al states, not 
the same as the earlier 5000 cars; I've tried the aftermarket through 
thepartsconnection.com, and Pep Boys, and they don't have one available.  
Called Mack at Clair in Boston yesterday:  heater control valve 431 819 809A 
retail $25; discounted: $21.25.  800-354-5100.  Probably similar pricing at 
Carlson Audi...
hth, chris miller, windham nh, c1j1miller@aol.com
'91 200q20v ==> http://members.aol.com/c1j1miller/index.html