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air conditioning - '84 5KS

I realize this has been discussed before, but the search engine is down, so I'm hoping someone will be able to help me.

The A/C compressor clutch bit the dust sometime before I purchased my car.  I checked this morning, and the compressor seems to spin freely, meaning I can turn it by hand.  I'm assuming this means I can replace/have the A/C clutch replaced, and, if everything else is fine, I'll have A/C.  What I'd like to know is:	1.is this something I can do by myself?  The Bentley shows a picture of pressing on a new clutch using a hydraulic press.  Any way to get around this?

	2.What is the GM part # for the compressor and/or clutch?  Or the models it was used in?

Any other tips, suggestions, BTDT's would be appreciated.  It's finally hot here and looks like it'll stay that way for a while, so I'd like to get this cleared up ASAP.


Jeff Mruss
'84 5KS