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Chime Hell?!?

Help! Constant chime threatens my sanity.

Had instrument panel out yesterday to replace burnt bulbs and when
everything got buttoned up, suddenly the door/belt/key/radio chime was
perma-on.  A key symptom seems to be that the seat belt warning light no

longer lights on the panel.  Checked the bulb in case it was some
series-continuity thing but bulb *looks* good (didn't actually swap it
with another).  Anyone understand the chime logic and likely points of
failure?  How about more specifics on the pinouts for the chime socket
so I can trace signals?  Bentley shows it but isn't at all clear about
+  or - triggers the chime from any particular signal.  I know the radio

sends + there, but not much else...

For now have pulled the little chime unit so it's quiet, but I don't
like leaving things screwed up under the covers.  Who knows where the
happy electrons are running around now...  Any and all suggestions

As an aside, the cars Original Owner (not to be confused with the P.O.,
sometime lister and solid fellow) was obviously a rat bastard and had
repeated contracts with rejects from M.L.U. to put in a series of
car alarms and cell phones.  I have removed everything ugly and non
original and re-spliced most problem areas although I suspect this is
the source of my seat memory problem and possibly the chime thing.
"Here's a great idea, let's take a car with notoriously weak electrics
and start chopping and hacking!!! "  Arrgh.  Alarm system was spliced
into the ECU diag leads merely as a place to find some power. Wretched



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