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RE: ENRADD - Electronic Non Radar Device

Always nice when a little wild speculation gets the ball rolling.

The fancy capitalized name is what tipped me off, it was trying to sound 
sophisticated, similar to VASCAR.  Signs at the entrance to North Carolina 
state that, "speed laws may be enforced with RADAR and VASCAR."  Sounds a 
lot better than, "speed laws may be enforced by RADAR and a trooper with 
fancy stopwatch."

George Selby
78 F-150 400M, 4 on floor, 4x4
86 Audi 4000CS Quattro

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Electronic Non RADar Device>>

	Which makes it an accurized, stationary version of VASCAR (as
speculated by George Selby. So, like laser, it's a fixed item that we have 
learn to look for. Igor -- did you see anything suspicious on the side of 

	Thanks for the post, at least now we have a clue. My highway patrol
buddies had not heard the term yet so I guess I'll call them back and give
them the update....