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RE: Peter at AudiOnly, and what he says

Well, I sure _thought_ I saw my name named in your post ... so I guess now
I'm obliged to respond ... I'd really rather not end up in the middle of
this ...

I have already sent a copy of the q-list post I made via direct e-mail ...
this may be what Peter was talking about in his private e-mail which you
chose to post ...

I know that there was a time when Peter seemed to be incommunicado ... I
don't know any of the details one way or the other.  My only personal
experience with Peter was that when I posted a need for a microswitch for
the sunroof motor on my '88 5kCSQA he was one of the few people who even
bothered to respond.  He told me that since he didn't have any luck drilling
out the hold-down rivets on some of the units he had that he would send me
an entire unit ... which he did ... gratis.  So ... not only did he send me
a sunroof motor, he took his own time trying to extricate a switch ... and
probably even damaged other sunroof motors in the process ... and he never
even asked me to cover the postage!  

So far I have not had an opportunity to actually buy anything from Audi Only
... but let me state clearly that I would not hesitate for a second buying
something from them and applaud Peter for his "beyond the call of duty"
service.  I've never had the pause to buy a rad for an Audi 80, but from
what I know about getting good quality all metal radiators for the 5k, $200
seems to me to be a pretty good price ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> ----------
> List, here is a record of dealing with Peter at AudiOnly, read from the 
> bottom up, I will not be naming names in any of this for your safety and 
> mine!