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Re: Techtron?

let's make this clear, nobody said it FIXES, but it seemed to clean what i suspected was a gummed up one.

Techron is a fuel system cleaner product from Chevron that, unlike most 'add it to your oil/gas/radiator/drink it everyday' snake oils gets decent
reviews for actually doing something.

you can get it at any big dept store or parts superstore or any number of similar places.  the going rate seems to be about $5 a bottle (i know
some lister will now tell me where to get it for $2.15) which is good for a tank of gas.

Thomas Barbera wrote:

>         What exactly is Techtron?  It fixes leaky injectors?  Where can I find this product?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
> Tom B.
> '86 4kq (soon to be 4ktq)



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