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Re: Just shoot me!

Mine was a bit scary as well.....:

> Despite the fact that your personality profile pretty much
> matches that of Audi 90 owners, Car-O-Scope would like
> to suggest some alternative vehicles--should you be
> thinking of making a change.


> 1.Ford Granada
> 2.Chevrolet Camaro
> 3.Pontiac Firebird
> 4.Chevrolet Monte Carlo
> 5.Mercedes Benz E Class
On the Ford Granada:

> For example, you'd be almost perfectly compatible in
> terms of your gender, your educational level, status
> consciousness, and your grasp of reality.
> In addition, you'd have pretty good compatibility in terms
> of your age, your tolerance for taking risks, and the extent
> to which you're a cheapskate.

So what the heck is a Ford Granada??  I don't think I've ever seen one.

And whaddaya mean, "cheapskate"  ?!  :-)