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Hydraulic Pump Leaking Yellow Gold

    Was doing oil change yesterday and noticed some hydraulic fluid drips
hanging from the hydraulic pump.  Looked at the skid pan and it to had some
drips on it with some dirt rubbed in on top.  Also the hydraulic pump is
making a constant whirring noise, which by the way got much louder today.
After driving for a minute the louder whirring went away.
    How much damage am I looking at when the hydraulic pump goes out ($$) ?
Should I loosen the belt a little and see if that is causing some of the
noise?  Also the noise got louder after my oil change, could the noise be a
side effect of an oil change?  I drained my car for 2 hours to get all the
5w-30 out.  Could I have dried something out too much?  Worried over here,
hope I didn't mess my car up!


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