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Re: Car-O-Scope (FunStuff)

Me too! What is going on with this Ford Granada business. Is this some Granada
nut's site? I got the Granada in the midst of my "matches"
MB E-Class
Lexus GS300
Volvo 850
Chrysler 5th Ave(??!?)
Ford Granada
The first three match up pretty well. They said I was too young for my 5kcst,
too. I do have a thing for subtle, quick sedans, so not far off there, indeed.
But why this Granada showing up everywhere.
It's actually odd. They picked the MB E-class on the day I was drooling over a
flawless '89 MB 420SEL at my mechanic's. I concur that aside from the uniformly
dead steering feel amongst those I've driven, big MB's are a treat indeed. Now
that Granada needs, as one lister put it( in reference to a Subaru), six feet of
earth as a car cover...

merlin wrote:

> I got the same thing...said I should be driving a ford Granada...as if I
> would drive anything made on this side of the Atlantic...
> merlin
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> Did the Car-O-Scope thing and this is a brief summary of what it said:
>     Boy oh boy, Alexander, you picked a vehicle which is just about perfect
> for you. Congratulations! For example, when compared to other people who own
> a Audi 80, you're just about the same in terms of status consciousness, your
> grasp of reality.
> These are the cars I should be driving:
> 1. MG Midget
> 2. Triumph TR4
> 3. AMC Jeep
> 4. Land Rover S2A
> 5. Chevrolet Camaro
> Like the Land Rover idea, but they say the Triumph is my ultimate machine.
> They say that because for some reason they believe I am cheap, hehe.  They
> say I'm too young to drive an Audi as well.  This is a funny little game
> they have got going, give it a shot, it's fun!
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