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Brains trust question

Situation: ur-quattro standing on poor ground.  Can't move it, can't
lift it.  Want to check harmonic balancer torque.

I think I can get #2084 and #2079 into place.  I don't need _changing_
clearance because the balancer isn't coming off.  So I can probably
get #2079 onto the bolt and protruding from the bottom of the car.  I
realise I might have to pull the bumper forward, but that's only a
matter of pulling the headlights, two 17mm bolts and three screws on
the upper skin.

With an extension, I can get the big torque wrench to engage the other
end of #2079 from the front of the car.  Everything is 3/4" drive.


If I hold the torque wrench as close to horizontal as possible with
#2079 vertical, is the effect of #2079 nullified?

If I hold the torque wrench vertically, the torque multiplication effect
becomes a torque division effect.  What setting to I then need on the
wrench to get 450Nm at the bolt?  I can set the wrench up to 1000Nm.

#2079 is 30cm between axes.  The torque wrench is a 'breaker' type -
79cm from the business end to the hinge, and 125cm from the business
end to the centre of the handle.


 Phil Payne
 UK Audi quattro Owners Club
 Phone: 0385 302803   Fax: 0870 0883933