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Re: Brains trust question

At 10:07 AM 7/24/99 +0000, Phil Payne wrote:
>Situation: ur-quattro standing on poor ground.  Can't move it, can't
>lift it.  Want to check harmonic balancer torque.
>I think I can get #2084 and #2079 into place.  I don't need _changing_
>clearance because the balancer isn't coming off.  So I can probably
>get #2079 onto the bolt and protruding from the bottom of the car.  I
>realise I might have to pull the bumper forward, but that's only a
>matter of pulling the headlights, two 17mm bolts and three screws on
>the upper skin.
>With an extension, I can get the big torque wrench to engage the other
>end of #2079 from the front of the car.  Everything is 3/4" drive.
>If I hold the torque wrench as close to horizontal as possible with
>#2079 vertical, is the effect of #2079 nullified?
>If I hold the torque wrench vertically, the torque multiplication effect
>becomes a torque division effect.  What setting to I then need on the
>wrench to get 450Nm at the bolt?  I can set the wrench up to 1000Nm.
>#2079 is 30cm between axes.  The torque wrench is a 'breaker' type -
>79cm from the business end to the hinge, and 125cm from the business
>end to the centre of the handle.
> Phil Payne
> UK Audi quattro Owners Club
> Phone: 0385 302803   Fax: 0870 0883933

Phil:  Looks like  Looks like  a work and motion problem from High school
physics. Clearly to get the full torque multiplication,
the extension tool 2079 should be in the same plane with the breaker bar.
Your position of 90degrees  would appear to  split the
torque multiplication  in half  with half the force pushing  down the
vertical  plane  at the mid line of the crank bolt,.  Someone may have
the  exact percent of torque loss,  but  it looks  like
youve lost   50%  of the  optimum  extension.   If this is the case, then
you'd need to   add   this additional force to the bar to get the
right torque.    Mike Posner.