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Cell phone mounting questions

I purchased a cell phone from a '98 A4 and am looking to mount it in my '92
100S. The transceiver and handset are both slightly different in design (and
PN, handset is PN 441 035 104B and transceiver PN 441 035 002D) from the
model made for the '92. But I have already verified that the phone does work
with the pre-wiring already in the car, and am now left with the task of
mounting both the handset and transceiver. Looking at the mounting areas for
the handset in Bentley for the '92-'94 100S/CS, it shows the phone mounted
in the center console, below the armrest. The handset I have included the
cradle the phone sits in, but it looks like I will need a bracket to mount
this cradle to in order to attach it to the console. For the transceiver,
Bentley shows it being mounted in the trunk, below the rear deck on the
inside of the drivers side rear fender above the wheelwell for 100S/CS
models, and in front of the taillight assembly on the drivers side fender
for the S4. For some reason, the wiring harness in my 100S is the one for
the S4. Since ETKA is pretty vague on phone PN's for any year or model, I
have a few questions for Listers with a '92-'97 100/A6/S4/S6 with an Audi

(1) In the trunk area, is the transceiver bracket mounted on the inside or
outside of the grey trunk trim panels?
(2) If anyone has installed one of these phones themselves, do they by any
chance have the PN's for the mounting kits required to install the phone
(handset in console, transceiver, and I guess microphone and speaker)? Are
all these items (and what others) included in the kits?
(3) Since this is a later model phone, do any of the '95-'97 A6's have their
phones mounted in the center console and not in the armrest? ETKA shows this
setup (and also a transceiver mounting bracket that looks like the one I
need for my transceiver), but I've never seen an A6 with the phone out of
the armrest. If anyone has a setup like this, the PN for the mounting kit
would be greatly appreciated.
(4) Any opinions on a good quality glass-mount cell phone antenna (or is it
part of the kit?)?


'92 100S (82k)