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Re: Granada

 Igor Kessel <four_rings@worldnet.att.net> writes:

>Elliott Potter wrote:
>> So what the heck is a Ford Granada??  I don't think I've ever seen 
>Manufactured in Koln, Germany in mid-'80s. Resembled the 100 
>if silver) so much that confused me more than once.

NO, this is NOT the Granada being discussed, or recommended in the
survey.  As said before, it's the American Granada.

The Granada and Monarch were orginally set to be the replacements for the
Maverick and Comet, however due to strong sales of the Maverick and Comet
Ford kept it in production after the Granada and Monarch were introduced.
The Granada and Monarch were based on a long version of the Maverick unit
body and share many mechanical components with the Maverick. Very few
changes were made to the Granada and Monarch until they became rebadged
Fairmonts in 1981. 

To see a picture of the spare car the survey seems to think all Audi
drivers should have, go to:




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