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Re: Just shoot me!

In message <379b4c64.1471445@mail.c2i.net> eyvind.spangen@c2i.net (Eyvind Spangen) writes:
> A Ford Granada is/was the big car from Ford in Europe. Introduced
> sometime in the early 70s with a model change about 1978, then
> discontinued in 1985. About the size of a 5k, and available with
> engines from 2.0 carburator I4 to 2.8 injection V6.
> In the UK, i believe the Ford Scorpio (new model after Granada) was
> named Ford Granada too.

Same car.  The Scorpio was the full equipment version of the Granada.

It certainly wasn't discontinued in 1985 - they were available new from
Ford dealers as little as a year ago.  The 2.8i engine was the top end
of the early series - the mid-1980s onwards version had a 2.9i.

It had a nasty habit of wearing out the rear axle UJs every 40k miles.

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