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Re: Granada (sorry, WOB)

In the interest of historical completeness, there was an American Ford Granada
some years ago. Early 70s, I think (memory's the second thing to go, and I'm
about there). It was a completely different car from the one bearing the same
name but manufactured in the UK.  It was an unbelievably dreadful car. No
power, poor fuel economy, ugly styling, uncomfortable seating, unreliable
mechanicals, handling like the QE2... well, you get the picture. Ford ran
hilarious TV ads that actually compared the Granada *favorably* to the big Benz
sedans. Man, what chutzpah! The Comedy Channel ought to replay those ads.

Larry Mittell

At 09:24 AM 7/24/99 , Igor Kessel wrote:
>Elliott Potter wrote:
>> So what the heck is a Ford Granada??  I don't think I've ever seen one.
>Manufactured in Koln, Germany in mid-'80s. Resembled the 100 (especially
>if silver) so much that confused me more than once.
>Igor Kessel
>Two turbo quattros.