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'87 4kq fuel system problems

Symptoms:  black smoke coming out of the tail pipe; excessive fuel
consumption (below 10 mpg); running extremely rough because spark plugs
caked with carbon desposits, in some cases clogging the gaps; very black

Took it to Bellevue Motorsports, they replaced the air hose that runs
between the ISV and air intake plenum and the O2 sensor, and they reset the
fuel-air mixture.  I replaced the plugs and the air filter.  The cap and
rotor are new and the wires < 1 year old.

Ran better than ever for a couple of days.  I noticed that fuel consumption
still seems high (hard to guage with no working odometer) and now under
acceleration the smoke is back.  Also starting to feel a minor hesitation.
Pulled one of the plugs and it's already black from carbon deposits.

Any ideas on what is happening to my poor car?

Aaron Peloquin
Kirkland, WA