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Re: '87 4kq fuel system problems

In a message dated 7/24/99 6:16:02 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
Aaron@Peloquin.com writes:

<< Symptoms:  black smoke coming out of the tail pipe; excessive fuel
 consumption (below 10 mpg); running extremely rough because spark plugs
 caked with carbon desposits, in some cases clogging the gaps; very black
 Took it to Bellevue Motorsports, they replaced the air hose that runs
 between the ISV and air intake plenum and the O2 sensor, and they reset the
 fuel-air mixture.  I replaced the plugs and the air filter.  The cap and
 rotor are new and the wires < 1 year old.

	In my experience, black smoke means a rich mixture, gray or whitish 
means oil consumption.  If it is truly black, you have a fuel system problem 
which seems youve already discovered.  I would check the fuel mixture again 
(10m.amps), and an air/fuel ratio gauge hooked up to your oxy sensor would 
also confirm the richness.
Javad Shadzi