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Re: Changing Coolant Thermostat?

Alexander van Gerbig writes:
>     Any tips or tricks for changing the coolant thermostat?  I think mine
> might be toast, it's old.  What is the best Audi friendly coolant, mine is
> green.  Bad news I know.  Has been green for about half a year.

On the 4-cylinder engine it's real easy.  Disconnect the lower
radiator hose on the engine side, drain the coolant, remove the
two bolts that holds the lower hose flange cover, remove the flange
cover from the water pump and the thermostat is inside.  You can
test the thermostat by putting it in boiling water and checking its
operation.  Always replace the O-rings when re-installing.  I recommend
only the OEM Wahler brand replacements,  Use one with the correct
temperature spec (I think it's 87 deg C).

BTW the correct coolant for your car is supposed to be green in color.
Only 97 and later cars came with the pink stuff.  They are not compatible
with each other.  Use only phosphate-free coolant to avoid damage to
the aluminum parts in your engine (check the ingredients, and any
statement that the coolant is compatible with aluminum).  Refill the
coolant mixed 50/50 with distilled water.

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