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RE: RE: Just shoot me!

For whatever reason...Huw decided to speak these words...

"I'm looking for some sport suspension components for my '77 Ford Granada
and a friend told me this was the place to find out about things like
that for my car.  can anyone help?  Also, I would like a bit more
power.  What oil should I be using?"

Your correct Mr. Powell once you found this place you will NEVER have to 
take your Granada to a Furd Dealer or Mechanic again - we've got all the 
answers concerning you Granada.

As far as suspension is concerned, just cut a couple of inches off the top 
of your front springs and remove 2 leaf springs from the rear - that will 
firm things up.   And reverse her rims if cornering is an issue.

You want more power...remove air cleaner (10 hp), paint your car yellow, 
add some pin-stripes (worth at least 20 horses with pin-stripes) and don't 
forget the decals...lots of them (another 5 hp).

Oil is always equal parts of 10w30 and STP or substitute Rislone where 

The token disclaimer....we're assuming this is the North American model.

Don Muirhead