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Re: 4kq vs. 90q spring rates tested (for the archives)

The blue strut bearings make the car 1/2" lower than the black ones. The
4kq apparently came from the factory with blue ones in back. This in my
opinion explains why so many 4kq's look like their butts are dragging.

Look here for details:
BTW, I was very happy to be able to get the blue ones from Rod at TPC
for similar money as the black ones would have cost. Not sure if he
still has that deal going.

Todd Phenneger wrote:
> HUH???
>         I used the same type I had been using.  But are you saying the
> Blue ones will make it sit higher than the normal cheap ones?
>         Thats funny, they measure the same thickness.  Anyhow, it now sits
> over an inch higher.  about 1.5" higher but it was sagging a bit.  SO
> maybe an inch higher than with stock but new/good condition 4kq springs.
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> On Wed, 21 Jul 1999, Wolff wrote:
> > Watch out which strut bearings you use. It makes a difference in ride
> > height.
> > Wolff
> >