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Re: Buy at auction?

In the past 2 years, I've personally been involved in 3 purchases of 88 
90's for $3000 that I could inspect and drive before paying anything.  None 
of them needed major work, they all were decently maintained and in 
good-very good condition.

That said, I don't think the prices will be that high at an auction.  IME, 
they go for about 50-75% of the going price...

At 08:33 PM 7/24/99 ,  Andrew Buc was inspired to say:
>About a week ago I mentioned a weekly auction of impounded cars in my
>town. I just picked up the current list (which has VIN's), and it seems
>there'll be an '88 90 at the next auction. I'll have to call AoA next
>week and find out if it's a q. From what I know of this auction
>(haven't been to one yet), they tell you whether a car was parked or
>being driven when it was impounded, so you have some idea of whether
>it's a runner. Other than that, all you can do b4 bidding is a visual
>If the body and interior didn't look pretty good, then I simply
>wouldn't bid, but let's assume they did. Obviously, you have to factor
>in the unknown-quantity element when you bid. Anyone have any
>suggestions as to a reasonable amount to pay under the circumstances?
>Personally, I could see spending $3-3.5K total for purchase price and
>immediate repairs. I know I wouldn't normally get a 90 for that price,
>but that's the whole point of going this route. While we're on this
>topic, if you were me and you didn't get the 90, how much would you bid
>for a 4kq? TIA